coherency? blasphemy!

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hi! so i never know what to type in these things without sounding too much like a derp. but that's inevitable. however i'm a friendly derp that likes making friends. i always follow back 'cause that's how i roll. so. let's be friends. i don't bite. ♥

x-men: first class. dc comics. marvel comics. young justice. sherlock holmes. percy jackson. the social network. harry potter. glee. house. supernatural. merlin. doctor who. star wars. community. the hunger games. oofuri. durarara! k-on. naruto. one piece. bleach. khr. kingdom hearts. final fantasy. pokemon. ao no exorcist. adventure time. the regular show. kimi ni todoke. disney. shinee. super junior. snsd. f(x). t-ara. big bang. 4minute. 2pm. dbsk. ayumi hamasaki.

lucas till ♥ jude law ♥ robert downey jr ♥ james mcavoy ♥ michael fassbender ♥ nicholas hoult ♥ chord overstreet ♥ naya rivera ♥ bradley james ♥ logan lerman ♥ cho kyuhyun ♥ lee jinki aka onew ♥ choi minho ♥ kim hyoyeon ♥ jessica jung ♥ kwon yuri ♥ kim jinri aka sulli ♥ emma stone ♥ rose byrne ♥ andy sanberg ♥ logan fenderson ♥ hayden christansen ♥ natalie portman ♥  

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